Rob's Success

In July 2019, after a stress test identified that I had a nearly 100% arterial blockage, a stent and quick home recovery later, it was now time to focus on my health and diet. In stepped Stella. Combining a professional yet personal approach, she brought the right set of skills that combined scientific knowledge with her gentle holistic approach. Together we created a plan to reset my health goals, instill mindfulness, nutritional guidance and check-ins. Within six months I was 25 lbs. lighter, I rediscovered my passion for cycling, got a pat on the back from my cardiologist, and became the role model I want to be for my son! A year and a half later, throughout 2020, I am able to maintain the motivation and continue seeing results. Stella made it empowering, and that is unique. She is truly special and stands out from the crowd.

Desirée’s Spin

I will be forever grateful to Stella for her Spin+ (indoor cycling) classes in so many ways. After a friend of mine lost the tip of her finger in a spinning wheel accident, I thought I’d never spin again. Many years later, another friend of mine encouraged me to try Stella’s Spin+ class, and I loved it! Everyone said she had boundless energy and a contagious enthusiasm. She pushed her spinners hard but made the class fun with her motivating music and bursts of encouragement. When Stella recognized my enthusiasm and potential, she encouraged me to become a certified spinning instructor, and whole world of spinning and exercise opened up for me! I became one of Stella’s Spin+ team instructors, and when she moved back to New York, I took over her Spin+ business. I now teach 4 classes a week, and I get great satisfaction seeing my spinners improve their cardio fitness. Thank you Stella for your support, encouragement and inspiration!

Joey’s Journey

Stella change my life. Weighing 493 lbs. (224 kg) when I met her, she loaned me her juicer, helped me select fruits and vegetables, and taught me how to juice, but it didn’t stop there. She provided delicious and easy recipes and taught my wife and me how to cook healthy meals, and she introduced me to her fitness community, which motivated and helped me to exercise. I was able to eat, feel satisfied, and be happy while losing weight. I watched my weight drop from 493 lbs. to 370 lbs. (224 kg to 170 kg) in a short time. I was full and eating real food that tasted great… our journey continues. I never felt so loved and genuinely cared for by a health practitioner. I can truly say that Achieving Balance is not just Stella’s business, it’s her passion.

Lori's Recharge

Stella is absolutely amazing at what she does. From our first few communications, she understood what my challenges were and knew how to get beyond them. Her pre-meal plan questionnaire is detailed, thorough, and comprehensive enough that when she made my meal plan it was completely customized with everything from my food likes/dislikes and my cooking habits. It is very easy to follow if you commit to it, and is basically foolproof. I was way more successful than I had anticipated, and because of Stella’s meal plan I have been able to continue with the good habits created. Stella continuously checked in throughout the week I was on the plan, and continues to do so afterwards. I would absolutely recommend Stella if you have any dietary challenges or just want to get healthy! - Lori B - NYC