Why Water Works!

Seven Scientific Reasons to Drink Water:

During strenuous exercise, drinking water lowers your elevated body temperature putting less strain on your heart to do it. Exercise to strengthen your heart, not damage it.

Dehydration causes the protein in your muscle cells to break more quickly and build muscle more slowly, making your workouts less effective.

Water can help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite, boosting your metabolism, and making exercise easier and more efficient.

Dehydration increases your body’s production of cortisol (the stress hormone), potentially affecting your motivation to exercise and make healthy food choices.

Water helps keep your joints lubricated and flexible reducing the friction that leads to pain and injuries.

Water is the key component in blood, which transports nutrients and oxygen into your cells.

Drinking water keeps your brain well hydrated to improve your concentration, cognition, memory function, as well as helping balance your mood and emotions.

and the sparkle...

Water makes everything work better in your body. Keep hydrating all day long to replenish the water lost from breathing, sweating, and urinating. The Mayo Clinic recommends women drink 2.7L (11.5 cups) of water and men drink 3.7L (15.5 cups).